New green Apple on the way?

by Jessica Miller

January 9, 2007

Renee is currently in San Francisco to get the word out to people in town for MacWorld… 

Bright and early (6:30am) this morning we greeted the people waiting in line to hear Steve Job’s famous MacWorld speech. As we handed each Apple enthusiasts a flyer and a cheery "Good Morning," we were welcomed with people interested in knowing more about the company they love so dearly.

We were asked thoughtful and interesting questions about our campaign during the two and half hours outside Moscone West. We even had a life size cut out of the "Mac Guy" with us for people to take pictures of/with.

Though I was a little skeptical about having him there, people responded really well and he had a personality all his own. Seeing events this week take shape outside one of the biggest electronics conferences in the world, I see that no one really thinks BFR’s and PVC’s should not be taken out of the life-cycle of their favorite computer. If no one wants these toxics in their electronics, why hasn’t Apple said when they are getting rid of them?

As I write this, Job’s almost finished with his speech and I am standing about a block away hoping that when the crowd floods out there will be news of a brand new ‘Green Apple’.

– Renee

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