President Biden’s Agreements Regarding Forest Conservation at COP26 – Greenpeace USA Response

by Diana Ruiz

November 12, 2021

U.S. is enabling Bolsonaro to advance more forest destruction and human rights abuse.

Greenpeace USA responds to recent agreements and announcements made by Biden regarding forest conservation for climate.

In response to the US announcements, Greenpeace USA Senior Forests Campaigne​​r, Diana Ruiz, said: 

“US climate negotiator John Kerry is legitimizing forest destruction with its forest deals at the COP, countries like the US are eager for offset accounting tricks instead of real emission reductions. In the process the US is enabling Bolsonaro to advance more forest destruction and human rights abuse.”

“Brazil is planning to meet its goal of reducing illegal deforestation by legalizing more deforestation. As the Brazilian delegation returns back home from its greenwash PR tour in Glasgow, its Senate is rushing a vote on legislation that would reward and encourage land grabbing; criminal activity responsible for at least one-third of all deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon.”

“To the US and other world leaders: Encouraging Brazil’s plans ensures the Amazon will reach a  tipping point from which there is no return.”


Media Contact:

Karen Mota, Communications Officer, Greenpeace Brazil, +55 11 97252-6867, [email protected]

Diana Ruiz

By Diana Ruiz

Diana is the Senior Palm Oil Campaigner for Greenpeace USA and is based in Washington DC, leading our work to make zero deforestation in Indonesia a reality. She has worked to make change and hold U.S. corporations accountable in countries including Indonesia, India, Peru, and Ecuador. Diana has focused on a range of issues that draw from industrial chemical systems to pesticide regulations, climate mitigation and adaptation measures.

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