PHS in the national media

by Mike Gaworecki

June 12, 2008

Project Hot Seat got a couple good mentions in the national media this past week:


Greenpeace is … expanding Project Hot Seat, the nonpartisan, grass-roots global warming campaign that focuses solely on House districts.

Since 2006, Project Hot Seat’s presence has grown from six congressional districts to about 50, with several offices set to receive a new round of staffers.

“We need real leadership next year,” said Kate Smolski, Greenpeace’s legislative global warming coordinator. “We’re talking to incumbents and challengers in all districts. It doesn’t matter what party gets elected, as long as the party that gets elected gets the next bill right.”

The Nation (though they call it "Global Hot Seat," for some reason; but hey, they got the link right):

As the catastrophic consequences of inaction seep into the public onsciousness people everywhere are starting to take steps to fight global warming. But it’s not enough to change light-bulbs and dispense with plastic bags — we need bold, fundamental, and rapid action on climate change — action as outlined at, and Greenpeace’s Global Hotseat

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