Pinned down by the storm

by Jessica Miller

July 31, 2006

The following posting is from Adam, who is onboard in the Bering Sea…

28th July
Howling wind and rain

Well we’re still pinned down by the storm that started yesterday. It is on schedule with the forecast and has swung to the south west and picked up in intensity. The front should be passing us about now so hopefully it’ll start to ease up this evening and over night and allow us to poke our nose out in the morning and head west towards Etolin pass and then south to Bristol Bay.

We’ve made today useful by helping Craig get footage of various things on board that are hard to get when the boat is under way. I gave him a tour of the engine room and explained the tasks down there, and Captain Bob is explaining all about the ship and its systems and his responsibilities as captain. James is making samosas again as they were so good the first time, so we’ll get some of that on tape too so people can see how hard we’re doing it here on the good ship pacific Storm.

We’re all itching to get under way and on with the work we are supposed to be doing. The end of the tour is drawing nearer and nearer and the urgency we feel to collect the information we need from Bristol Bay and the northern side of the Alaskan Peninsular is growing.

There’s not a lot to see out the portholes except spray and grey skies and the low green island. We did see a herd of reindeer that had come over near our beach for shelter from the storm. They must be hardy critters indeed to live on this low treeless island that is covered in snow and surrounded by ice for most of the year.

So that’s it from me for today, not a very exciting update, but it is what’s happening. Hopefully people in the south are working hard on saving the oceans and the forests and fighting the water wasting coal and oil burning fools that seem to have so much power at the moment.



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