Pirates, tuna and toolkits–OH MY!

by Michelle Frey

March 15, 2009

It might be kind of strange to string these three topics together, but I did so because Greenpeace just launched new, interactive seafood pages. You can plunge into the deep blue sea and discover why pirate fishermen are nothing like Johnny Depp playing Jack Sparrow in the movies. These modern-day pirates aren’t funny or charismatic, they are dangerous and ruthless. They catch unlimited amounts of fish and they don’t discriminate, pillaging endangered fish and bycatch like sea turtles. You can help out by taking action and making your voice heard–tell the U.S. government to throw pirate fishing practices overboard.

take action against pirate fishermen

If that’s not enough fun for ya, I bet you’d love to see what is really inside a can of tuna. You might be surprised at what else that tiny tin can has sealed in it. Check out the cool interactive tuna can on the Greenpeace site. You’ll be amazed.

And, for the activist-at-heart, Greenpeace has an awesome new toolkit. They gave the toolkit a major tune-up! If you are the type of person who is willing to take their activism a step further, away from your computer and into your supermarket, then, this toolkit is for you.

Yo, ho, ho!

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