Plan B

by Jessica Miller

July 31, 2006

The following posting is from Carroll, who is onboard in the Bering Sea…

July 29

We spent another day anchored in Nash Harbor, waiting for the storm to pass.  Even here in the lee of the island, the wind is blowing so hard it makes the boat vibrate. Makes for a refreshing breeze when you step outside, though. Tomorrow’s forecast is for more of the same, followed, Sunday, by more of the same again.  With the weather eating ever deeper into our work plans for the final week of the expedition, we’re strategizing ways to make the best of the situation.  If conditions permit, we’ll up anchor tomorrow and make the 30 hour transit to a cove just north of Bristol Bay, so if and when the weather does break, we’ll be ready to begin work immediately. 

There’s much to be done in the last days of the tour:  photo identification of humpbacks in the northern half of Bristol Bay, killer whale research along the Alaska Peninsula, documenting trawlers in the Southeastern Bering, and documenting the remarkable beauty of this region wherever we find it.  Gale force winds for the next few days will make the job difficult, and maybe a little uncomfortable, but hopefully not impossible.  In the event the impossible comes up, however, we’ve got a plan for that, too.


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