PVC Victory

by Renee

November 7, 2007

I’m not sure how many of you have heard, but Target has been, um, targeted by dozens of environmental organizations over the past year to eliminate PVC from their product lines. And on Monday they announced that they be eliminating the amount of PVC, also known as vinyl, in their own products including infant toys, shower curtains, and fashion accessories. They also announced that they will begin collaborating with their vendors whose products are sold in their store in order to do the same. Just to give you a better understanding of what a large victory this is let me tell you that Target is the 5th largest retailer in the country with $59 billion in revenues.

In a world where doll manufactures are almost weekly recalling their products because they contain banned chemicals, this step shows that companies are listening to us. They are hearing that consumers want toxic free products. That they are demanding it. This victory and several like it tells the story of a world that is changing. Companies are beginning to take on the series threats that are facing our world and how their actions are contributing.

An International Herald Tribune article came out yesterday explaining how companies are starting to ask questions of their entire supply chain. The article even provides a quote from an executive saying that "if you are going to make a real difference, you have to let go of your corporate ego". Wow! Can you believe that statement? The world really is changing. They are listening and they are paying attention to us.

But it’s easy to start letting up the pressure when you hear statements like that. This is not the time to stop demanding a toxic free future. This is the time to step it up. Remember the chemical industry spent almost $10 million more on lobbying Homeland Security to not protect us from chemical threats than the department spent on actually protecting us.

If you want to know more about the Target victory, read this.  

 Thank you Center for Health, Environment, and Justice to leading this campaign and the dozens and dozens of local and national groups for keeping up the pressure and creating a system where corporations are starting to take responsibility for their actions.


By Renee

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