Close vs. WIRED magazine

by Mike Gaworecki

June 16, 2008

If you don’t know about, you should definitely check it out. "Climate science from climate scientists" is their tagline, and that is exactly what you get: real, informed scientific discourse about global warming. Sometimes the posts are hard to read if you’re not a climate scientists yourself, but they’re always fascinating, well-written, and damned informative.

If you like your climate science news and opinion to be on the useful side, go the Index page and scroll down to "Responses to Common Contrarian arguments." This section of the site rules. An example is this post, which discusses what real "scepticism" actually entails and why many global warming deniers are not in fact practicing true scepticism at all, but what might be "more accurately described as contrarianism, or ‘la-la-la-I-can’t-hear-you’-ism."

RealClimate recently dissected the shortcomings of an article in WIRED. You might already know which article I’m talking about, because it had this teaser boldly splashed across the cover: "Attention Environmentalists: Keep your SUV. Forget organics. Go nuclear. Screw the spotted owl." Yeah, a bit melodramatic.

And according to RealClimate, not even close to a fair and accurate assessment. About a section called "A/C is OK," RealClimate wrote: "WIRED got the story egregiously
wrong, and not just because they did the arithmetic wrong. In their rush to be cute, they didn’t even make a half-baked attempt to do the arithmetic." If you, like me, were dismayed by this article, the full post by RealClimate, "WIRED Magazine’s Incoherent Truths," might also be a good place for you to start digging into the site.

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