Rocking and rolling, “all is A oke”

by Diek

August 3, 2007

There’ re back!

Nowadays the ship is packed with people; scientists, technoman and crew. After a couple of days sniffing at each other we are used to each of one of us. It is still some 70 meters living space we are sharing, so with 34 people, everyone needs some private once in a while.

The bridge is rebuild like a tower of a aircraft carrier. Many computer screens, blinking and bloinking and pinking machines asking for attention or just to be ignored. Wires covering the ceiling and walls and when the subs are on a mission, a very loud : boing ping …. boing ping… and between that boing ping a watery voice is telling the guy on the aft bridge everything is A oke.

The main job for the captain is keeping the ship exactly above the subs. He has to maneuver the ‘mothership’ constantly, keeping one eye at the wind, one eye at the current, one eye at the mate (handling the pitch), and one eye at the screen for the position of the subs. O yeah, he also has to keep one eye at the wheel. In the mean while he has to listen to the communication between the subs and the aft bridge.

So, the Espi it packed and rocking and rolling the Bering Sea; in surge for new life and everything there is to be seen for the first time!

Stay tuned!

By Diek

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