Save the Bering Sea

by Marie Michelson

July 21, 2006

The following posting is from Adam, who is onboard in the Bering Sea…

Well like I said no day’s a normal one.

Last night the sea came up. We drifted for 4 horrible hours. No one could sleep because waves kept hitting the back of the boat with huge thumps and rattles. It was a relief when we started the main up and got moving again at dawn. It’s been a rough day so we will keep motoring tonight so that people can get some rest.

Dawn came gray and foggy but this time with strong winds and big seas. The 150 ton ship is getting rolled about like a toy in a bathtub. For most of the day we’ve had to ban going up in the rig to search for whales for fear of someone being flung into the ocean.

Of course, seeing as it’s rough, the excess transmission oil pump decided to blow up. It didn’t do it yesterday when it was calm of course, no, it had to wait till today when it’s a real pain to be working down there. Luckily there were other old pumps and parts on the boat that weren’t in use so was able to put another one in without too much trouble.

With the difficulties of being onboard out here today it really makes you see that the only possible reason anyone would come out to pillage and destroy this ecosystem is for that quick mega buck. That quick, short-sighted, greed fueled, who cares about our kids or the locals, mega buck. They certainly wouldn’t do it just for the fun.

Yes we need to protect fishermen’s jobs, but I’m afraid that, quite simply, giant take everything factory style fishing’s going to have to go. It’s an ECOSYSTEM we’re talking about here, not a free barrel of money that’s being left unattended by the government.



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