Save the turtles!

by Mike Gaworecki

February 19, 2009

Indian company TATA is building a new port at Dhamra, which is dangerously close to a sea turtle nesting site at Gahirmatha, on the Orissa coast. Greenpeace India has a petition set up so you can let TATA know how you feel about their decision to imperil this guy:

olive ridley turtle

Here’s more about the situation from Greenpeace India:

Consider this… Olive Ridley turtles rely on an inexplicable, in-built navigation system that guides them, when it’s time for them to reproduce, back to the precise coast on which they were born.

Now consider something else… The proposed Tata port at Dhamra threatens a nesting site that is amongst the last honeymoon suites for the remaining Olive Ridleys, a highly-endangered species that swims all the way here from places as far away as Australia and the Philippines.

When you consider these two facts together, it seems only logical that Tata would reconsider its decision to build the port at Dhamra, and build it in an area that’s less ecologically sensitive. It seems especially logical when it’s Tata we’re talking about.

After all, Tata has grown from a national giant into an international player, while constantly highlighting it’s stated commitment to the principles of social upliftment, environmental justice and sustainable development. The Tata brand is ubiquitous, present in hundreds of products used by millions of Indians every day.

Help Greenpeace India tell TATA to live up to its stated principles and save the turtles!

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