Say It Ain’t So . . . Elmo!

by Renee

August 2, 2007

A new report came out this week about Matell, Inc (the largest toy maker in the world) recalling 1.5 million toys because of high levels of lead.


Who thinks it’s ok for children to play with lead? I’ve seen the after school specials and the epsiodes of ER, where kids develop serious health issues related to interacting with lead in paint. And that’s paint in lower income housing areas that were slapped up years before tighter regulation.

Come on, people! The dangers of lead is no longer a secret! I’m not from New York but for some reason I just felt a Brooklyn accent come through in that last thought.

In news articles galore, Mattell is saying that they are leaders in product safety. I’m not the expert in this subject, but it does make me think about the significance of supply chains. Look, I didn’t study Finance and Economics either so stay with me.

Mattell is one of the most recognizable brands out there. I grew up watching Seseame Street, I know who Elmo is and so do millions of kids playing with their toys today. If this company, who has a public spotlight on them, isn’t paying very close attention to their supply chain, I’m scared to think about what poisonous products are also on the market from lesser known companies.

So I did some digging and I found an interesting campaign where you can do something about all this shady-ness in our little people’s play things. 

Remember Lois Gibbs — the mother turned activists from New York (maybe that’s who I was just channeling)? After she made enormous strives for her family and neighbors, she started this organization with a bunch of other passionate toxics activists.  

Center for Health, Environment and Justice: Check out this site and learn about how PVC packaging is breaking state laws and how it’s not only lead but it is also PVC being found your children’s toys. (maybe you don’t have a child, but if you take my friends actions as a national trend, we have officially entered baby AND marriage season – stay safe!)  


Hope this blog thingy gives you some interesting reads and good information to be an educated consumer.








By Renee

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