Searching for Rhythm

by Guest Blogger

October 5, 2005

It was exciting for me to board the Arctic Sunrise in New York City. The Arctic Sunrise is

a working ship and there is so much going on everywhere. There is a lot to be done and

everyone does their part in keeping things together.

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border=”0″ alt=”Lino with Power Tools” align=”right”/>

I was surprised at how rugged the ship actually is – it takes some effort to keep up with

everything. It’s hard to keep a balance onboard.

Everyone onboard has been wonderful, very friendly and open-minded. There is an

international crew which provides for a diversity of thought and conversation. Some have

talked about finding a “rhythm” that goes along with everything. It’s true, there is a rhythm to

the ship, the crew and the ocean – and it’s been nice to be given the chance to search for


I look forward to seeing up close everything that makes sailing a ship possible.


Project Thin Ice Competition Winner

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