Security Cove

by Jessica Miller

July 31, 2006

The following posting is from Adam, who is onboard in the Bering Sea… 

Gales and big seas, rain and fog.

We didn’t think we’d be going anywhere today. At 0200 it was really howling, well over 50 knots of wind blowing us around on anchor and making the little ship vibrate. However it appeared to have eased somewhat in the morning so we called up the weather people in kodiak for a forecast and heard 35knots and 12 foot seas easing to 25 and 8 foot in Bristol Bay, so we decided to head on out and see how right they were. They were pretty right except for the 15 foot swells that occasionally put us on our ear and set the bilge alarms off and emptied the galley cupboards onto the floor, they’re all gaffa taped shut now as the little clips they have are obviously not strong enough. I’m having to type with one hand at the moment, using the other to look after my cup of tea and stop myself sliding away from the table.
We’re headed for another little bay called security cove, sounds good eh?! If the weather gets better we’ll head on by and into our search pattern in Bristol Bay. If not we’ll hide in there for a bit and reassess.

The time we have left is getting shorter and shorter so feel free to pray for a break in the weather so we can achieve or objectives for this leg of the tour. We need to find sea mammals to illustrate that they live here in the heart of Pollock fishing mismanagement country, and are part of the ecosystem that relies on the fish that are being taken out by the mega tonne. As well as that if we see any giant trawlers we’ll check out where and what they are fishing, maybe find out how there season is going if they’ll talk to us. I really look forward to the day in the not too distant future when seeing a fishing boat in the Bering doesn’t immediately mean something really wrong is happening. It’s a campaign that will be won if the locals and environmental groups work together well and send a united and clear message to the pollies and the industry bigwigs in the lower 48 that the only acceptable way is-ECOSYSTEM BASED MANAGEMENT FOR THE BERING!!!!!


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