Seeing Steve

by Jessica Miller

January 11, 2007

Martin is a Toxics Campaigner and is currently in San Francisco to get the word out to people in town for MacWorld… 

It was a long day. Waking up at 6 a.m. to get to the Moscone center for the keynote speech of Steve Jobs… but I was still getting more sleep than many other Apple fans. Coming to the conference center just before 7 a.m., I expected to see a queue but I did not expect not to see the end of if. Some people spent the night out there to get the best places to see the speech. They brought camping gear, doughnuts and all the stuff that geeks need to survive during the night to waiting for HIM to appear (well they left all the waste including the camping gear behind as they rushed in). When the gates opened, the crowd moved into the building, so after a while I moved in – just to end up in another queue, this time inside the giant hall on the ground floor. Just before 9 a.m., when the speech was supposed to start, I got into the big hall that was to host the show.

When Steve appeared, his ego filled the room, the crowds were cheering and everybody was tense – what is he going to show? Well, I had my own hopes (guess which ones). He started in style – virtually "burning" the Zune player from Microsoft. Well the e-waste in China is burning for real. He also showed the classic "I’m a Mac I’m a PC" ad – this time sending the PC for surgery in expectations of the changes it will need for Vista. But as we know – the Mac needs to change itself– to get rid of the toxics.

But the main news was of course the iPhone. Widely expected, after lots of rumors, it was finally unveiled. There were lots of features presented and as usual the design is nice and shiny. On the new visual voicemail Steve listened to message from Al Gore (hopefully Al will also tell him to green up); called the Starbucks to pretend to order 4 lattes to go (but he did not in the end and I would have appreciated a coffee!) listened to music; watched the video (he should see his own speech as we would like to have it); browsed the web (damn, missed the greenmyapple site again) and last but not least looked at the Google Earth pictures of Paris Eiffel Tower and Washington Monument in Washington DC (hmmm – why not the scrap yard in Guiyu, China, where thousand of old computers end up, including Macs). Lots of great functions, lots of new inventions, lots of patents (actually Apple claimed over 200 for the iPhone). But one thing was missing – will the iPhone be any greener? Will we finally see a greener Mac? These questions remained unanswered. So we have to keep asking them. Will you?

– Martin

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