The Adventures of the Galley Maid

by Maureen Bonner

March 31, 2006

March 3, 2006 

Well, I am currently about a third or so of the way up the Namibia coast – though no land in sight of course.
It is great to be on board. The weather is perfect, and I am finding my way around my new little world. I am about to embark on my fourth day out – but I guess my day’s are  typical already. The wake up is at 7.30 though I am usually up long before (the sunrises have been magnificent). Work starts at 8. I usually spend some time down in the stores in fridges. When we set sail everything was everywhere so I have been organizing the food into some order. We have two large walk in freezers – one for veg and one for meat. We also have two large walk-in fridges – a cheese/tofu/milk etc. and one for veg. there is also a cold lobby area for all of these fridges.
We then also have two dry stores – one for things like rice, flour, beans and the other for canned goods, sauces etc. Then by ten I start to cook. Lunch is at 12 and every other day I clean the galley afterwards.  I then have a small break and get back into dinner – which is at six – and do the clean up on the same day as I cleaned lunch. So usually I’ll be finished by 7.30 – 8pm.

Miguel, the cook, is a great guy – very funny and good to work for.
I am sharing a cabin with a deckhand, Marta, who is probably the best cabin-mate to ever have. Our cabin is so beautiful, we have rugs on the floor, plants and flowers, a music system, oil burning and beautiful pictures everywhere – it is almost the lap of luxury!
So I will keep it short and sweet and write more tomorrow, about life onboard and the campaign. It is almost 7.30 and I need to eat and get dressed still. Tonight one of the engineers is taking me on a tour of the engines – my big Friday night out on the town  😉  – so hopefully I will learn some interesting stuff I bribed him with cheese!). We are using the e-drive – it is the diesel-electric engine. It consumes about a third of the amount of diesel as the regular engines. With it we maintain a speed of around 9 knots.
Take care and more soon!

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