The Aloha Spirit

by Marie Michelson

October 21, 2006


I’m writing from Honolulu, awaiting the arrival of the Esperanza. This is my second time in Hawaii, and I’m excited to be here again. In Maui last year, I was so lucky to see humpback whales during their migration, spinner dolphins, and sea turtles – talk about seeing some of the top animals on my life list. I’ll never forget seeing baby whales learning how to breach, or snorkeling above a green sea turtle.

This time around, I’ll be boarding the Esperanza for 3 weeks, as we celebrate the new Northwestern Hawaiian Islands National Monument, and investigate the trash vortex swirling between Hawai’i and California.

I arrived a couple of days ago with some other Greenpeace folks, including Buffy and Steve who will be getting onboard with me. We’ve been fortunate enough to participate in a couple of community events here in Honolulu, including the Bioneers conference at the Manoa campus of the University of Hawai’i, and a warm welcome at the Patagonia store in Hale’iwa. The people here have been amazing, and what they’ve managed to accomplish through local activism is an inspiration to us all. My favorite line came from our Bioneers host, Joshua Cooper, when he explained the meaning of the Hawaiian expression, ma ka hane ka ike: in the action, that’s where knowledge is. Well, I think that sums up Greenpeace pretty well, and describes what we’re here for.

I hope you’ll follow our journey and share in the knowledge we discover.


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