The dirt on McCain’s policies

by Mike Gaworecki

June 17, 2008

The current administration has been woefully inadequate in a number of ways, and the environment – especially with regards to addressing global warming – is definitely one of its chief inadequacies. Many environmental organizations are already looking to the next administration for leadership on global warming, and it appears no matter who gets elected, they will be stronger on the environment than Bush & Co.

McCain, rightly, felt it was important to distance himself from the President on the environment, and has recently begun airing an ad in which a narrator declares: “John McCain stood up to the President and sounded the alarm on global warming five years ago. Today, he has a realistic plan that will curb greenhouse gas emissions” (via CNN).

Well, the timing of this ad could not be more perfect: “The ad is being released the same day McCain is set to give a speech on energy policy in Houston. During the address, McCain will propose lifting the federal moratorium on offshore drilling for oil” (also via CNN). And yes, he does support drilling for oil in ANWR. Way to stand up against Bush there, buddy.

McCain has yet to release an energy policy, so it’s troubling at best that when he finally addresses the topic, he’s coming out in favor of drilling for oil all over our coastline rather than promoting the renewable energy technologies that will propel us towards a sustainable future. In fact, this has become a troubling pattern of McCain’s campaign: spinning away in the media to pander to voters, while pursuing a dubious agenda in reality.

That’s why I dig the “Searching for McCain” action created by Chris Bowers over at Open Left. Here’s how he describes it: “The utilization of simultaneous, widespread embedded hyperlinks in order to connect voters looking for information on John McCain to nine revealing, important news articles on John McCain.” Similar to Bowers’ “Googlebomb the Elections” campaign back in the ’06 election cycle, this is an effort to boost the Google search ranking of 9 news articles on John McCain that provide the real dirt on his voting record and policies – in other words, what you won’t get by simply listening to the man or his representatives in the media.

If you have a blog or website, you should head over to Open Left and link to one or some or all of the articles listed there. To explain how it works very quickly: Google uses links to websites to “contextualize” the content of that website and decide which search terms apply to it; the more links to the site it finds, the higher it is ranked and hence the higher it shows up in search results.

None of the articles pertain to McCain’s energy or environmental policies – or anything that Greenpeace works on directly, actually – so I’m not going to link to them here. It’s a shame, I would love to have participated in the Googlebombing of an article about McCain’s doublespeak on energy and environmental issues.

Well then, guess I just have to get it started: “McCain Touts Green Policies At Wind Energy Firm – But He Opposed Their Key Legislation” (via HuffPo).

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