The Journey home Day 6

by Jessica Miller

August 15, 2006

The following posting is from Captain Bob, who is onboard in the Bering Sea..

Aug 10
At about 10 o’clock last night I quickly brought the engine down to an idle and took it out of gear to just drift and watch 3 Humpback whales up close. I first spotted the blows straight ahead and then watched them as they all, one right after the other as though on queue, arched their backs and raised their flukes and dove like in a graceful water ballet. It was beautiful and Willie and I stared in wonder and both spoke out our Wow’s. A couple of minutes later the whales surfaced within 100 yards off our port side and then just laid there and rolled slowly around for a few minutes like they were resting. Then again, as though on queue, they did their ballet and slipped quietly below the surface. I then put the boat back in gear and we move on. I wish that everyone might someday have this kind of an encounter with these magnificent animals because there are no words that can do justice to describing the personal experience.

There are so many treasures that we have in the sea and on land that we simply must find a way to protect and manage them. If we use, and not abuse, the great renewable resources we have on this great earth they will last and support our needs for all generations to come. Finding alternatives to our non-renewable resources should be of highest priority in everyone’s mind though I can understand it may be difficult for some living from one day to the next. I believe that our leaders should be held accountable for their responsibilities to protect and govern and if they don’t…get someone who will. I know, easier said than done.

I’ll get off my soap box. Last night and today we’ve had some swells come up from our starboard quarter and as those that were on the trip know, that creates a lot of rock-n-roll and can make it very difficult to stay in your bunk let alone get any sleep. This afternoon it came down a lot so it’s much better now. Willie relieved me on wheel watch so I slept great for a couple of hours this afternoon which made up a bit from last night. We’ve got some overcast and a little rain. The weather forecast suggests that we may have a weather system coming up behind us. We still have another two and a half days out in open waters before we get to Canada so I hope we can get at least most of the way across before it catches up. Who knows, maybe it’ll change directions and pass us by. Hope so. We’ve been underway since June 22nd. I really need a haircut.

– Captain Bob

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