The Journey Home Day 8

by Jessica Miller

August 21, 2006

The following posting is from Captain Bob…

Aug 12
Go figure! It’s midnight Saturday morning and we’re 259 miles to our next waypoint at the north end of Graham Island and I have a container ship 1.4 miles off my port side that just crossed my bow. It’s a container ship headed for Anchorage. All this space out here and we come this close to each other. That’s a little bit like walking for hours into the back country somewhere and stepping on a piece of bubble gum. Well, that happened to me once too but that’s another story.

I woke up on my own this morning at 5 am and Willie had let me sleep an extra hour. Nice guy. The sun is shining through a patch of blue sky, seas are down slightly and the winds are down substantially, at least for now. They are forecasting a little higher sea and wind this afternoon but down again for this evening. By this time tomorrow we should be inside Canadian waters and headed south inside the protection of Graham Island. I hope it’s as nice going south through there as it was going north at the start of this trip.

Well it’s 9 pm and getting dark. The winds are down to about 5 kts and the seas down to about 4 ft. The ship is very slowly rolling back and forth and Willie just went down to get some sleep before his watch. He should sleep well. Skies are overcast with some dark clouds but it’s been that way most of the afternoon. Only 90 miles to Graham Island and we’ll be there in the morning. It will be nice to see land again after 3 days in the open waters of the gulf.

– Captain Bob

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