The Spartan Daily

by Renee

April 19, 2007

This is what the Spartan Daily had to say about the Toxic Tech Tour.

"Greenpeace, an environmental non-profit organization brought a seven-foot-tall skull made up of old computer parts to bring attention to the issue of electronic waste.

According to Renee Blanchard, a Greenpeace employee, 30 tons of electronic products are discarded worldwide each year. She also said that cell phones have an average lifecycle of two years and that adds to an enormous amount of waste if everyone continues to buy new one each year.

"Old electronic goods are being shipped out to landfills in Asia and being broken down by these families who melt the old electronics and inhale all these plastic toxins," Blanchard said.

Greenpeace is working with 14 electronic companies, including Apple Computers, to create electronics that do not contain Polyvinyl chloride, a toxic chlorinated plastic, and brominated flame retardants used in circuit boards, which can interfere with thyroid and oestrogen hormone systems.

Mica Demarquez, an employee of Crossroads Recycled Clothing Company, said the skull was an interesting art piece and it has the power to bring out awareness."

By Renee

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