“This Meeting Is A Fraud”

by Renee

September 28, 2007

Yesterday, along with 48 other climate change activists, I stood on the steps of the State Department to make sure the world knew, that President Bush knew, that he does not represent my voice on climate change. Today is the last day in a two day sham of a meeting that President Bush called on climate change with heads of states from the largest greenhouse gas emitters. 

49 of us, including the Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of Greenpeace were arrested within just a few hundred feet of this meeting. We chanted "This meeting is a fraud" and "No More Hot Air, Clean Energy Now" for almost two hours before being given 3 warnings from the police to move our protest or face arrest. No one moved.

My blogs on this site are usually cheeky and full of odd info about issues surrounding the chemical industry, but today I’m talking about the single biggest, most devastating issue to face our generation. I couldn’t be cheeky if I tried right now.

This afternoon I attended a rally on the opposite side of the State Department building that we stood early yesterday morning. One speaker said that it doesn’t matter if we cured cancer today or if we had the ability to end all wars because the effects of climate change on humanity will cause food and water shortages, death of species and villages, and violence if we do not continue to act like our lives depended on it. Because it does.

I went to jail yesterday along side 48 other activists who believe the same things I do:

  • President Bush does not represent my voice on climate change.
  • The world needs to move on with real global warming solutions without the United States.
  • and finally this issue is so important to my life that I am willing to put my liberty on the line until there is real action on climate change.



By Renee

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