This Season’s IT Bag

by Renee

August 24, 2007

I’m admitting it. I’m a slave to fashion. I love shopping. I love shoes and bags and makeup. I’m the best target for marketing people. Yes, I work on issues that usually go against this type of consumerism, but the reality is in my personal life I love shopping.

So besides the whole toxics part of this, I’m loving the whole banning of plastic bags in cities. There are already bags being designed specifically for this issue and they are selling out everywhere. This cute one once sold for $10 and now aggressive shoppers might be able to get their hands on it for anywhere between $600-$1000!

I totally want to get my grimmy paws on one of those. Or maybe I can make my own, though I doubt that will actually happen. However, I was super creative this weekend when I turned all my hat boxes into my drafting table legs. So I guess you never know where a slow weekend will take you.

Besides seeing hippies take on more fashionable ways to shop for GMO-free, organic food (which is always nice), mainstream media has taken on this issue as well.

Here are some interesting articles:

NY Times 

Christina Science Monitor  

USA Today 


Here is some more information on what our office in Amsterdam is saying about chemicals in our homes.  



By Renee

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