Time to get active

by Jessica Miller

July 26, 2006

The following posting is from Adam, who is onboard in the Bering Sea…

Cloud, fog, light winds.
We said goodbye to the good people of Savoonga at 1200 today. Once again I have to say how friendly, wise and forgiving, and amazingly in touch with nature the Yup’ik people are. The stories of change in the ecosystem and climate were too many to count. Ice, winds, temperature, coastline, mammals, birds, fish, bears, even the ground under their feet. . . all changing rapidly over the last few years. If the rest of the world could really hear their story and feel the fear of an invisible and deadly threat so huge it takes hope away, maybe the complacency of the rich comfortable energy gluttons could be exposed for what it is.

We weighed anchor, (which wasn’t easy as we’d been anchored in a 3-4 knot current for 34 hours so the anchor was probably about 6 feet underground by the time we pulled it), and headed east along the north side of the island, the beginning of the final leg of the journey. Nine days left. It doesn’t seem enough to answer all the questions we have and document all that is changing. Once again Greenpeace has opened my eyes to a vital part of the world under threat.
Some would give up at the enormity of the task ahead to protect this place from those that would destroy it, but that’s not a luxury that environmental groups and aware people that take responsibility for their world can enjoy. So unless you live in a war zone or are desperately poor (like no food, water, or shelter), or are mentally insane, PLEASE BECOME ACTIVE!!! Start small, click on the “send an email” request that is on just about every enviro website. Then send another one. Then volunteer a few hours, then a few more. Your planet needs you.


Ps we just saw (and of course photographed extensively) a couple of Gray whales.
Pps Also an amazing volcanic plug sticking shear and high out of the ocean with a Mur rookery on it. Very beautiful and dramatic in the fog.

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