Toolkit: What We Need Now Episode 1

Featuring Our Guest Adwoa Addae

Adwoa Addae is a Jamaican-born multidisciplinary performance artist, activist/community organizer, writer, and free-being. As a Black Trans, gender-bending Immigrant, their work explores the pathways through which Afro-Diasporic peoples become channels for the Earth and Spirit realms to defy constructs of gender and heal from environmental/climate collapse. They aim to craft connections between the mysterious nature of a climate apocalyptic world and the ways in which Black Trans/Non-Binary people create identity and futures within the unknown, essentially embracing death of the “old culture of being” while simultaneously crafting endless imagination of what we have the ability to become. They seek to wield their body to create imagery and poetry that probes people into emotionality that questions how our ruptured relationship to the Earth in the West is a barrier to our collective healing and ancestral communication. Publications and features include Wakanda Dream Lab: Black Freedom Beyond Borders Anthology, Teen Vogue, the New York Times,, and Ottar Magazine (of Sweden). They have also performed at conferences, universities, and art festivals around the world including the United Nations Climate Negotiations.

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