Toxic Tech Tour

by Renee

April 19, 2007

Hi I’m Renee. I am the Campaign Assistant but for the next month, consider me the Toxic Tech Tour Cheerleader — of sorts. I am hanging out with Amanda and we are showing off Greenpeace’s Skulpture    (a giant sculpture made out of old computer parts in the shape of a skull).  Awesome.

Amanda arrived in the Silicon Valley area one week today. She started out the Toxic Tech Tour at the San Jose Giants baseball game last Friday and officially brought the e-waste skull (we still don’t have a name for it) out to play. We were even showed the Apple Ads we made last year on the Jumbo tron.

Our third event for the Toxic Tech Tour was at San Jose State University. The SJSU Environmental Club invited Amanda, Ashby, Richard and I to join them for their school’s Sustainability Week event yesterday. We all showed up bright and early to Seventh Street Plaza on campus, but we didn’t go alone. We brought the giant e-waste skull with us, again!

Yesterday on campus we placed the skull right next to a great fair trade coffee tasting. . . . hmmm . ..  fair trade coffee . . . !! It was so good. There was even a taste test of tap water vs bottled water. Amanda got it right within seconds.

The day went really well. This 7ft by 17 ft by 6 ft skulpture is a great conversation starter. People stopped by to see what the hell was going on and walked away knowing that we love our apples, we just wish they were greener. We also got some great pictures for the Student Week of Action. Students held my iBook and a speech bubble that said, "SJSU says Steve Score a 10". It wasn’t hard to figure out that students at SJSU really want Apple to go green and were surprised to find out they weren’t already.

The Toxic Tech Tour is just getting started. We have a couple more events planned in San Jose this weekend. Stay tuned for more from the Amanda and Renee show out here in Silicon Valley.  We will be here until early May when the Apple board of directors and shareholders get together for the AGM in Cupertino.


If you don’t know about the Green My Apple campaign, then take a look here.

Also, if you are in the area and have a great place you think the Skull should go, make sure to let us know.

Holla From Cali — Renee.






By Renee

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