Vegas, baby!

by Renee

June 6, 2007

The best part about Vegas isn’t the free drinks and the do anything lifestyle, the best part is the heavyweight championships. And the one between the two most well known electronics companies has just begun.

It seems that not only has our Guide to Greener Electronics caused quite the stir in the Web 2.0 world, but it has created quite the frenzy among two certain CEOs. In January Michael Dell made this announcement and on May 2 Jobs made a pledge to green his machines too. But you don’t think Dell would let Jobs simply get away with being greener (a full year earlier might I add), do you?

Now for an actually interesting version of this story check out Greenpeace International’s version. (I sure didn’t pick up any creative writing skills while I was hanging out with Tobias. Maybe I should try to get Nick Hornby on this campaign too.)


Take care, Renee.  

By Renee

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