Welcome to the very first ExxonSecrets blog

by Kert Davies

October 24, 2007

Three years after launching, we finally have a BLOG!

Why? To enhance the conversation with all of you who have used and expressed your appreciation for ExxonSecrets since its birth.

We started ExxonSecrets to broadcast our research on the growing web of global warming denial.  Climate deniers and front groups were working together in increasingly tangled coalitions- shifting associations, organizations, titles – deceiving the media and policy makers and delaying progress.  Tired of explaining all these connections over and over to reporters and colleagues, we designed the graphic network mapping tool with web aces Josh On of and Amy Balkin, most recently of  The relational database behind ExxonSecrets was built upon opposition research going back to the early 1990s by the Clearinghouse on Environmental Advocacy and Research, CLEAR, now housed at Greenpeace.

There have been well over 1000 custom ExxonSecrets maps made and used by people like you to illustrate the intricate web of the climate denial industry.  ExxonSecrets has been cited, quoted, and used as a research tool over the place in the past three years –  from Mother Jones to Vanity Fair, from the Wall Street Journal to the Guardian and, of course, on the blogs, Daily Kos, Huffington Post, DeSmogBlog and others.   But its not about media and web hits, we stopped counting ;), what is most important is that it’s now well known that Exxon has worked hard to delay action on global warming and continues to fund and work with the climate denial machine and its cogs.

The new ExxonSecrets blog is really a response to requests worldwide – from fellow bloggers, academics, scientists, journalists, researchers, policymakers and activists –  asking to interact with ExxonSecrets, contribute information and comment on what we’ve revealed.  Well, let’s get the conversation going.

We will also now be able to shout (or blog) about our research on the fly. Things happen almost daily that we can connect to our research on front groups and deniers as they meddle with the policy arena and the media.  Take the recent campaign against Al Gore by Heartland Institute or the attack in the UK against An Inconvenient Truth, the 2006 DCI/TechCentralStation post-Katrina video news release on hurricanes, coordinated attacks against the IPCC and its findings, Exxon unceremoniously dumping the Competitive Enterprise Institute last year and on and on.  We always have more than we can convince reporters to write.

And we know you know even more! Not only can you comment on the blog pages, we’ve also set up a wikiSkeptic detectives, get working – there’s plenty of information out there that we may not know but somebody else does.   

Welcome to ExxonSecrets 2.0! Have fun, stay in touch, do good work. 

Remember, we have a planet to save.

And, for inspiration, I have to include this picture of a license plate I spotted on the way home from work, on a Prius to boot…F XOM

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