Who’s being cute, Exxon?

by Cindy Baxter

June 9, 2008

Who’s being cute, Exxon?

While Exxon may have dropped some groups and is starting to admit that they "divert attention" CEO Rex Tillerson reverted immediately to type in comments made to the media after the shareholder meeting.

He duly trotted out the Bush/Exxon/Lee Raymond "more research" [therefore no action] line on climate, and  told the Canadian Financial Post 

"We have to let scientists to continue their investigative work, unencumbered by political influences. This is too important to be cute with it."

Excuse me?  "unencumbered by political influences"?  This is the company which spends millions on lobbying, which has spent $23 million on front groups to continue their climate denial.  Or is Exxon not a "political influence"? 

Yes, more research on climate is needed in all sorts of areas – but this is not an excuse for sitting on your hands, Mr Tillerson. If anyone is being "cute" it has to be your continued funding of 28 climate denial organisations. 

If Exxon had gotten its hands out of political influence on climate science back in the early 1990’s,  things could be very different today. 

And speaking of cute,  check out Exxon’s takeover of the new baseball park in Washington.


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