Word gets out to Macworlders

by Jessica Miller

January 8, 2007

Hello folks-

Steve-o here from the Greenpeace team in San Francisco. I’m one of the lucky ones who got to show up here to talk to the 40,000+ people descending on this fabulous city for the Macworld Conference and Expo. We’re a team that has come from all over the world- Beijing, Bratislava, Amsterdam, D.C. (where myself and some of us live and work) to bring our message to the Mac World at large: that we all love our Apples, but we desperately want them to be greener. As one of the world’s leaders in technological innovation, Apple has always been leading the pack, but they have been slow to commit to timelines for which they should be leading: to eliminate the most hazardous chemicals from their products and to begin a very aggressive recycling program.

We held a press conference this morning to introduce ourselves to many of the folks who will be dealing with the Macworld Expo and conference, and all went well. We’ll hopefully be able to get our message out to apple users through the media, that we want a Green Apple, and hopefully get all of the Mac enthusiasts out there to join our campaign to make Apple a leader in what could no doubt be one of the greatest innovations they could come up with: products that are less harmful to the environment.


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