Work continues despite stunning scenery

by Guest Blogger

July 1, 2005

We are now in the world’s largest national park, near the head of the world’s largest fjord. The physical beauty of this place is so extreme that it challenges our ability to work and sleep. You literally have to force yourself to stop staring at all the icebergs, mountains and the rest of it, and get on with the job. I know it sounds crazy, but if you’ve ever been to a place like this I’m sure you understand – otherwise just take my word for it.

Unparalleled beauty or not though, the work has to go on, and as always there is quite a lot of it. Everyone puts in full days, and longer whenever needed. It’s half past midnight here, according to ship’s time, and the scientists are still out on the ice. For most of today the glacier was covered in fog, and there was a low cloud ceiling overhead – so they’re taking advantage of the good weather while it lasts.

– Andrew

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