Asia Pacific Resources International Limited (APRIL) is Indonesia’s second largest pulp and paper producer and today is its largest driver of deforestation in the sector. APRIL is cutting down the last remaining natural rainforests and tiger habitat to feed its mills.

APRIL sells paper in the United States under half a dozen brand names, including the office paper brand Paper One. You could be subsidizing rainforest destruction, for basic printing and photocopying, without even knowing it.

This forest destruction and draining of peatland is taking a heavy toll on endangered wildlife, including tigers, orangutans, elephants, and rhinos, as well as generating large amounts of greenhouse gases which cause climate change. An equally heavy toll has been inflicted on indigenous people whose livelihoods have relied on the forest for hundreds of years.

Greenpeace is committed to convincing APRIL to immediately suspend all clearance of natural forests, permanently protect Indonesia’s forests and peatlands, and respect the rights of indigenous people. A more in depth briefer on APRIL’s forest destruction is available here (PDF).

Please join Greenpeace in our fight to reach zero deforestation by 2020 by pledging
now not to buy any paper from APRIL, including their flagship brand, Paper One.

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