Update: June 2, 2015

Indonesia’s second largest pulp and paper producer agreed to turn off the bulldozers and protect the forest and high carbon peatlands and begin respecting the rights of local communities. This is a major breakthrough and we commend APRIL and parent company the Royal Golden Eagle Group for taking this step. Read more

Asia Pacific Resources International Limited (APRIL), part of the RGE Group, is Indonesia’s second largest pulp and paper producer and today is its largest driver of deforestation in the sector. APRIL is cutting down the last remaining natural rainforests and tiger habitat to feed its mills.

The entire Royal Golden Eagle (RGE) group, including APRIL is controlled by the Indonesian business tycoon Sukanto Tanoto. Beyond APRIL, Tanoto has been responsible for considerable deforestation for pulp through Toba Pulp Lestari and for oil palm plantations through Asian Agri.

Sukanto Tanoto, through his business empire, carries the dubious distinction of being the single largest driver of deforestation in the world identified by Greenpeace.

This forest destruction and draining of peatland is taking a heavy toll on endangered wildlife, including tigers, orangutans, elephants, and rhinos, as well as generating large amounts of greenhouse gases which cause climate change. An equally heavy toll has been inflicted on indigenous people whose livelihoods have relied on the forest for hundreds of years.

APRIL sells paper in countries around the world including in the United States under half a dozen brand names, including the office paper brand Paper One. You could be subsidizing rainforest destruction today, for basic printing and photocopying, without even knowing it. Keep an eye out for APRIL paper and help Greenpeace find this rainforest destroyer today by visiting here.

Greenpeace is committed to convincing the entire RGE group, including APRIL to immediately suspend all clearance of natural forests, permanently protect Indonesia’s forests and peatlands, and respect the rights of indigenous people.

RGE/APRIL knows that there is a growing movement of organizations and people demanding it stop the destruction. However, rather than reform its operations, the RGE Group is spending its money on a charm offensive. In January 2014, APRIL launched a Sustainable Forest Management Policy accompanied by a series of blogs that portrayed it as a responsible corporate citizen and the victim of mean, deceitful NGO campaigns.

This is simply not true. See the top six myths that RGE/APRIL want you to believe.

In May 2014 Greenpeace captured these images of on-going rainforest destruction. Apparently RGE/APRIL doesn’t consider the clearance of rainforest on areas of deep peat to be in conflict with its sustainability commitments. But Indonesia’s forests are disappearing faster than anywhere else in the world precisely because of practices such as these:

Riau forest destruction

Indonesian forest destruction

Indonesian deforestation

Greenpeace is talking to customers of RGE/ APRIL urging them to immediately stop supporting this forest destruction. Other companies have stopped sourcing from RGE/APRIL, sending a clear message to the marketplace that any association with these companies is toxic. See Greenpeace’s detailed “Note to Customers of RGE/APRIL” for more information.