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From Florida to Oregon: State referendums you’ll want to follow on Election Day

Blog by Brian Johnson | November 3, 2014

With less than 24 hours till voting, we’ll spare you another analysis of which party will take the Senate and bring you something you’ve likely heard less about: the large number of state referendums on environmental issues. Greenpeace scoured...

Where is Mary Jo White?

Blog by Rachel Rye Butler | April 1, 2015

On Monday, Greenpeace, Avaaz, and others from the Corporate Reform Coalition launched a campaign asking one simple question: ‘Where is Mary Jo White?’ So who is Mary Jo White, and why are we looking for her?  Wonder no more– she’s the superhero...

Happy Birthday Mr. SuperPAC - 2 Years of Citizen United

Blog by Jesse Coleman | January 20, 2012

Two years ago the Supreme Court delivered a near-fatal blow to our already weakened campaign finance regulations by giving corporations the right to spend unlimited amounts of money on supporting or attacking political candidates.  The...

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