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Tropical tunas at ICCAT: moving forwards or backwards?

Blog by Sebastian Losada | November 18, 2011

Yesterday we released shocking footage that was given to us by a whistleblower helicopter pilot who approached us with some images he had shot on a fishing vessel in the Pacific. Helicopters are often by the industry used to find...

Catching pirates from the sky

Blog by Joan Meris, Greenpeace Phillipines | December 7, 2011

Pirates, in my imagination, are valiant seafarers in search of richness and glory in the high seas. In the olden days, they where regarded with fear and loathing for tales run wild of ghastly misdemeanors.  They rob, hijack and loot...

The harsh reality of longline fishing

Blog by EoinD | November 18, 2011

The world’s appetite for tuna exceeds our oceans’ capacity for production. Over the past several decades, vessels from far away nations (commonly referred to as Distant Water Fishing nations or DWFNs) have become reliant on tuna...

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