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GE food: COMING SOON!?!?! - to a supermarket near you?

Feature story | March 3, 2010 at 10:25

Just when we thought the threat to our environment couldn't get any worse after world leaders failed to secure a deal to save the climate in Copenhagen - we're now stunned to discover that the EU Commission is exploiting a 'backdoor' loophole to...

G8 on Climate Change

Feature story | June 6, 2007 at 18:00

In the lead up to this year's summit, leaked documents made it clear there was a distinct split among the G8 on the issue of climate change. After all, seven of the member countries have committed to the Kyoto Protocol's binding reductions of...

17 Dead Whales and Dolphins Displayed in Germany

Feature story | May 21, 2006 at 18:00

As the International Whaling Commission begins its meetings in Anchorage, Alaska, a stark reminder of what's at stake: 17 dead whales and dolphins from across Europe are displayed in Germany.

Greenpeace hails German nuclear plant closures but calls for earlier phase out

Blog by Justin | May 31, 2011

Responding to the German government’s plans for the immediate closure of eight of the country's nuclear power plants, Greenpeace has hailed the move as a very important step towards ending nuclear power globally. However, delaying the...

Germany Sets the Bar for a Green Energy Future

Blog by Phil Radford | June 30, 2011 8 comments

Today is a historic day in Germany and for green energy worldwide. The German Parliament has made a precedent setting move - not only have they set a plan to phase out all nuclear by 2022 , but the Parliament has committed to...

Greenpeace activists protest in front of

Image | January 9, 2007 at 18:00

Greenpeace activists protest in front of the German Chancellery in Berlin, against the Japanese whaling policy while the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is visiting the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Greenpeace is calling on the Japanese...

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