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Hot Year for Exxon...and Earth

Feature story | January 31, 2006 at 9:15

NASA Findings on Global Warming:Polar Bears at Risk

Feature story | September 13, 2006 at 18:00

Scientists from NASA and the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) have announced measurements showing Arctic sea ice is hitting major lows. This is more bad news on the impacts of global warming effects and bad news for the polar bear.

Southeasterners can thank Duke Energy when global warming gives them twice as many...

Blog by David Pomerantz | April 12, 2013

A new study from NASA suggests that global warming could increase the number of violent, damaging thunderstorms that strike the U.S., particularly in the Southeast, which could see a 100 % increase in the number of days with thunderstorms. NASA’s...

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