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Greenpeace Podcast: Apps for Activism and Factory Fishing Trawlers

Blog by Mary Ambrose | March 3, 2015

Recently I read a story that I found truly shocking. It was about the sinking of a Korean factory fishing trawler into the frigid depths of the Bering Sea off of Russia’s east coast. This particular factory fishing trawler was on Greenpeace’s...

Greenpeace Podcast: Birds reduce the ill effects of garbage. Recycling meds.

Blog by Mary Ambrose | January 8, 2015

This month we’re talking garbage…San Francisco, the city beside Silicon Valley, is cutting edge in the world of garbage. It was the first US city to require food composting for residents and businesses. SFdiverts the most waste of any US city...

Greenpeace Podcast: Voting with your wallet. Is there an app for that?

Blog by Mary Ambrose | February 3, 2015

This month on the Greenpeace podcast: Detox your shopping. Vote with your wallet.  Is there an app for that? Is it true that Burt’s Bees – maker of those natural creams and lipsticks – isn’t owned by that avuncular character on the labels but by...

Greenpeace radio podcast -- nukes expert answers your FAQs

Blog by Michelle Frey | March 24, 2011

Policy Analyst Jim Riccio updates us on the state of the Japan Nuclear Disaster covering some of the most frequently asked questions by listeners. You can go to the Greenpeace Radio iTunes account to download the podcast and...

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