Page - June 16, 2010
Greenpeace offers incredible training programs for students of all kinds. You can spend a semester with us learning all the skills you need to be an environmental leader, attend our summer training program, or simply hop on the phone for an hour once every few weeks to get trained on vital campaign skills.

Greenpeace Conference Call Trainings

Join us for our newest training program! Our conference call trainings are a great opportunity to learn basic organizing skills and theory and to connect with other student organizers around the country. 

Conference Call Training Schedule:

For an updated training schedule, please email  .

Greenpeace Semester

Do you care about the environment and want to learn how you can make a real difference?  The Greenpeace Semester is an opportunity for you to spend a semester with a global environmental organization to learn what it takes to save the planet and gain experience to become an environmental leader. The program combines intensive workshops, groups projects, and real experience working on important issues in different communities, working side-by-side with Greenpeace staff.

CLICK HERE to apply and find more information on this action-packed semester-long training program.

Greenpeace Activist Summit - 3-day training with Greenpeace

The Student Network hosts an incredible summer training program for students all across the country called the Activist Summit. Participants learn from Greenpeace volunteer, student and staff trainers about essential organizing skills, non-violent direct action, and how to make change on your campus. Applications to open in spring 2013. For more training opportunities and info about the Student Network, email us at .