Door Coordinator

Chicago, Illinois

Job - July 1, 2014
The Recapture Door Coordinator is a crucial member of the Greenpeace Recapture Frontline Team, who trains & coaches staff on fundraising skills, organizes team logistics, and assists with recruitment and other responsibilities of the leadership team. Door Coordinators may be considered for the role of Senior City Coordinator once they have developed a Door Coordinator to take over, and have mastered the essential skills and mindset challenges.

Training and Coaching

• Provide first day trainings for Recaptured Frontline staff

• Meet one-on-one with team members regularly and as necessary to ensure they are feeling comfortable and supported in their respective roles

• Engages in regular and ongoing training sessions with team members

• Observe Recapture team members on the doors and provide constructive feedback.

• Set daily objectives for each Recapture staff person on team

• Debrief each Recapture staff person on your team each day, reinforcing good work and addressing areas of concern

• Recruit new staff to the Recapture team

• In the case of the absence of the City Coordinator, fill in to fill other responsibilities as assigned

Office and National Leadership

• Advance train staff to assist other team members

• Lend support to other Recapture teams Nationally, which may include travel to other cities


• Recognize talent on the existing Street Frontline teams to work for Recapture

• Present Recapture opportunities to the Street Frontline team with support from the City Coordinator (e.g. in meetings, one-on-one interactions, etc.)

• Post posters and flyers in the community to recruit new staff to work for the Recapture team

• Perform phone interviews and one on one interviews for door hires

• Run orientation days for new door staff once a week


• Personal Fundraising – Lead the team by signing up a minimum of two (2) monthly members a day averaged out over the week and working a minimum of 80% of turf-time per week.

• Team Fundraising – ensure that your team averages one (1) monthly pledge per day

• The Door Coordinator must ensure that all team members have adequate support, training and resources to achieve the team goal.

• Credit for a sign up will not be given to staff who recruit friends or family to count toward quota or bonus


• Find creative ways to maintain high level of staff motivation and camaraderie

• Relay campaign information, and other details to team members to utilize at the door

• Hold people accountable to Greenpeace standards and job expectations

Maps and Turf

• Assist in ideas for new Recaptured cities and zip-codes

• Communicate with DC about how many maps your team needs each day, at least a week in advance, and with sufficient time for DC to provide your team with maps

• Print maps and distribute to team on a daily basis

• Coordinate and communicate meet-up locations, times, and transportation with the team, keeping travel time to and from turf to as minimal as possible

• Strategically assign turf to maximize success

• If necessary, ensure turfs are in accordance with permits to maximize the performance of the team

• Complete data entry in the results document every night

Administration and Communication

• Ensure that all sign-up forms are filled in correctly by your team members

• Collect all forms and get them to the office daily to ensure the security of the information entrusted to Greenpeace

• Complete the Door Coordinator Report Sheet, and collect all turf maps from the team on daily basis

• Complete the Results Report daily

• Control of team expenses when in a travel team


Greenpeace USA values a healthy work-life balance and has flexible, family-friendly employment policies. The salary for this position is $35,154 per year plus bonus and benefits.  Our competitive benefits package for full-time employees includes medical, dental, and vision coverage with low contributions from staff. We have options for pre-tax flexible spending accounts for medical and dependent care costs. Greenpeace employees enjoy generous 401K matching and time off for vacation, sick, personal, and parental leave. After five years, staff are eligible for a paid sabbatical. To encourage public transportation use and biking, we offer subsidies for staff who choose to bike or ride mass transit to work. Greenpeace is committed to the growth and development of staff and fostering a creative workplace culture. For more information, check out our benefits plan.


Please send cover letter and resume to . Please include the following in your cover letter: a specific explanation of your interest in Greenpeace's mission and the available position and how you found out about this career opportunity. Please use the email subject line: Door Coordinator YOUR NAME.  No phone calls please.