Warehouse Operations and Logistics Manager (SF)

San Francisco, CA

Job - July 8, 2013
A major component of all Greenpeace activities is the groundwork and support provided through our equipment centers. Tools and theatrical props, as well as climbing, communications, and boating gear are purchased, stored, and maintained in these spaces, as are all Greenpeace boats, vehicles, and the Greenpeace Air Division fleet. These spaces are also used for trainings, banner-making, and prop-building.


This is a highly dynamic position.  Core responsibilities include:

•    Ensuring that vehicles, boats, other equipment, and the facility itself are in working order
•    Hiring and supervising volunteers, fellows, interns, international activists, and other staff in the warehouse
•    Traveling for action coordination/support or personal development/trainings, sometimes for weeks at a time, as well as seeking out similar opportunities for staff
•    Ensuring that the warehouse and gear and people using both are safe


The IDEAL candidate will know that there is seldom an ideal candidate as defined by a sheet of paper and a list of criteria. They’ll be motivated and willing to learn, and willing to do dull, monotonous, non-glamorous work punctuated by some amazing jobs you couldn’t pay to do. Perhaps they’ll know how to rebuild an engine, but far more important would be figuring out who could get it done in the best and most cost-effective way, safely, within a timeline they’re able to define and keep, amidst a blur of other simultaneous activities.  We have a lot of equipment, including a lot of unique, specialized, finicky and expensive things – no one is or could be expected to know it all.

The ideal candidate will probably need the motivation that comes from wanting to work on the environment, and being inspired by and believing in non-violent direct action as a method of working for change.

They could have some/much knowledge of boats, boating, trailering, climbing, and out-of-the-ordinary shipping.  It would be helpful to be artistic and handy/familiar with tools and building.  They’ll keep an eye out for simple improvements that will increase efficiency and functionality.  They will have a sense for budgets, and evaluating spending.

The ideal candidate might not know all of the OSHA regulations, but they’ll know what OSHA does, and why open-toed shoes or dangling scarves aren’t proper attire around forklifts or chopsaws.  At the same time, they’ll know when to put on a suit or business casual even though those flimsy, overpriced clothes won’t stand up to Carhartts.  They will be comfortable and willing to work with all kinds of people: mechanics, activists, contractors, other Greenpeace staff, curious police, and eccentric neighbors.  They must recognize when a problem is outside their realm of experience and either speed-read their way into a new profession or find the appropriate person for the job.

If you have an affinity and/or talent for paperwork, hammers, punctuality, interviewing, invoices, driving boats, vacuuming, playing with robots, babysitting, conference calls, facilitating groups, machinery and the environment, you might have a very odd group of friends and you might be the right candidate for this position.

Due to complexities with insurance policies that cover people hanging off buildings and the like, the ideal candidate will be at least 21, with a valid and clean driver’s license.

We prioritize diversity in all forms: anyone who can see themselves or their future self in the above is encouraged to apply.


 Greenpeace USA values a healthy work-life balance and has flexible, family-friendly employment policies. Our competitive benefits package for full-time employees includes medical, dental, and vision coverage with low contributions from staff. We have options for pre-tax flexible spending accounts for medical and dependent care costs. Greenpeace employees enjoy generous 401K matching and time off for vacation, sick, personal, and parental leave. After five years, staff are eligible for a paid sabbatical. To encourage public transportation use and biking, we offer subsidies for staff who choose to bike or ride mass transit to work. Greenpeace is committed to the growth and development of staff and fostering a creative workplace culture. For more information, check out our benefits plan.


 Please send cover letter and resume to . Please include the following in your cover letter: a specific explanation of your interest in Greenpeace’s mission and the available position and how you found out about this career opportunity. Please use the email subject line: Warehouse Operations and Logistics Manager- YOUR NAME. Applications will be accepted until July 19th. No phone calls please.

Greenpeace is an equal opportunity employer.