Frontline Representative

Job - August 11, 2010
Frontline is Greenpeace's hugely successful, face-to-face fundraising and member recruitment program.

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A pioneer in the environmental movement, Greenpeace maintains its independence with the help of our Frontline staff. Greenpeace is the world's largest environmental organization that is independent of both corporate and government money with over 3 million members worldwide. Through peaceful direct action and creative communication, we have been changing minds and international policies for the past forty years.

We are always looking for passionate, articulate people to talk to others about how, together, we can put a stop to pressing issues like global warming and illegal logging.

What is the job?

Frontline is Greenpeace's hugely successful, face-to-face fundraising and member recruitment program. Team members work together to reach out and encourage individuals to get involved as Greenpeace members to build the people power necessary to take on the coal industry, save our forests, protect our oceans and keep communities free of toxic chemicals.

Frontline requires strong communication skills, enthusiasm for talking directly with the public, a commitment to non-violence as a means of affecting change, and a passion for making a difference! We offer complete training, ongoing support and a competitive, non-commission salary Starting at $12-13 per hour plus performance bonus and benefits. Shifts are 6 hours, 5 days a week. We have offices in 13 cities around the country! If you have experience working in canvassing, sales or customer service, are over the age of 18, and want to help stop global warming, join our team!

Commitment to Diversity: Greenpeace welcomes and values diversity of people, cultural experiences and perspectives.   Through our campaigning, we create solutions that promote environmental sustainability rooted in social justice.  Our mission is to create a diverse and inclusive work environment that is a reflection of the global campaigns and missions that we champion. 

Chicago: (312) 283-0621
Denver: (303) 395-1323
Los Angeles: (213) 232-2718
New York City: (646) 225-7015
Orange County, CA: (949) 791-2373
Raleigh / Durham: 919-229-8606
Sacramento: (916) 812-5840
San Diego: (619) 342-2367
San Francisco: (415) 255-9192 x6
San Jose: (408) 404-3392
Seattle: (206) 577-3437
Washington, DC: (202) 595-3368