Frontline Office Internship

Page - May 4, 2011
Frontline, Greenpeace's canvassing program, instrumentally increases the financial and political strength of Greenpeace by recruiting new members on the street. Members recruited by Frontline give monthly donations which support Greenpeace campaigns and are encouraged to participate in grassroots efforts through petitions, online actions, phone banking, events and more.

As an intern in a Frontline office, you will gain hands-on experience being a key part of organizing, advocating, and leading environmental campaigns.  Through your internship, you will build expertise on a variety of environmental issues and help promote Greenpeace campaigns to stop the global warming crisis, halt the destruction of the world’s last ancient forests, empower consumers to hold multinational corporations accountable, and yes — save the whales.

Responsibilities: Assist with facilitating daily office tasks, recruiting canvassers,  developing ideas for office social events and contests, planning campaign meetings and local campaign events, mobilizing people for campaign events and actions, and data entry

Qualifications: Applicants must have excellent verbal and written communication skills, the ability to handle multiple priorities, an interest in environmental issues, knowledge of grassroots fundraising, commitment to non-violence as a means of affecting change and enthusiasm for protecting the environment. Candidates must be able to work under pressure and should be computer savvy and comfortable on the phone.

Note: This internship does not involve actual Frontline canvassing. For more information on how to work as a paid Greenpeace Frontline canvasser, click here.


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