Greenpeace Semester Recruitment Internship

Page - October 22, 2010
Washington, DC

If you want to learn about campus organizing -- this is the internship for you!

What we Do

The Greenpeace Semester inspires, empowers and trains college students to take action on their campuses and become leaders in the environmental movement.  The Greenpeace Semester is a five- or twelve-week training in Washington, DC that consists of workshops and staff mentorship in grassroots organizing, actions, media and campaign strategy.  During their semester, students travel during their campaign trip, and in the full semester, students also participate in one capstone Expedition.  The Greenpeace Semester prepares students for a career as an environmental organizer, and we boast over 400 alumni who are making a difference in Greenpeace, other organizations, and in their communities.



The Greenpeace Semester Recruitment Intern works with Greenpeace Semester recruitment staff to help coordinate outreach and relationship building with new applicants and our various networks. You will assist with vetting applications and scheduling interviews, and will manage a piece of ongoing marketing and recruitment strategies, which may include heavy internet or phone-based research or social media engagement.  An ideal candidate would be able to balance a variety of rolling and incoming projects.

Skills You Will Learn

  • Effective phone communication
  • Outreach
  • Recruiting volunteers
  • Planning


Applicants must show commitment to protecting the planet and building a green and peaceful future, and have an interest in student organizing. A strong applicant will have experience with Excel and Google tools, strong online research skills, passion for online social media and nonprofit marketing, ability to work  independently, a solid grounding in grassroots organizing and/or enthusiasm for the power of grassroots movements (specifically student organizing), strong written and verbal communication skills, and a commitment to non-violence as a means of affecting change. A candidate with strong interest or background in any of these areas would be considered (we do not expect that all candidates will have all of these skills or backgrounds).

Note: This internship position only involves the recruitment of students for the Greenpeace Semester pogram and does not actually involve participating in the Greenpeace Semester program itself. For more information on how apply to participate in the Greenpeace Semester program based in Washington, DC, click here.

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