Danny McGregor

Page - April 28, 2009
Development Director

DannyDanny always had a desire to work for Greenpeace; he saw it as an opportunity to use his talents for the greater good. When he accepted a job at Greenpeace International, his friends thought he was joking. But, nearly ten years later, Danny continues to prove his commitment to the organization as the Development Director. 

Growing up in Britain, Danny recalls hearing about Greenpeace on the BBC when Brent Spar was taking place. A dedicated group of activists were occupying an oilrig in the North Sea as part of an ongoing campaign to stop ocean dumping. It pitted Greenpeace against the UK government and Shell Oil. He remembers the admiration he felt toward those activists for standing up for what they believed in.

Greenpeace is a one-of-a-kind organization and is a beacon for youth that want to get involved in the environmental movement. In his time at Greenpeace, Danny has seen many great activists come and go-they just burn out too quickly. He advises a work-life balance to his fellow activists. By finding another way to channel their energy, these young activists will last a lot longer in the movement. "We need these talented people to have the longevity needed to win some of our toughest battles ahead," says Danny.

Danny is hopeful that we'll win the campaign on global warming. "We are through fighting the battle with people who don't believe global warming is actually occurring," Danny remarks. He believes we are on the path to implementing scientifically-based laws that will help fight global warming. 

In a perfect world, Danny believes we wouldn't need an organization like Greenpeace. "The world would already be a better place-free of pollution, corruption and environmental exploitation," Danny states. But, until that time arrives, Danny will continue to walk the halls of Greenpeace and ensure we keep fighting the good fight.

Danny McGregor holds a Masters degree in Mathematics from the University of Oxford and is a Chartered Accountant.