David Barre

Page - December 15, 2009

LisaAs Communications Director, David is at the forefront of relaying Greenpeace's messages out to the public, media, scientists and politicians. David has been with Greenpeace for over six years. In addition to working at Greenpeace USA, he has spent time working at Greenpeace International on a variety of projects. He brings this rich history with Greenpeace, his expertise, creativity and enthusiasm to motivate his communications team and shake up the environmental community with no-nonsense messages, views and perspectives.

David admires the good work that Greenpeace accomplishes year after year. He enjoys surrounding himself with passionate colleagues and works side by side with everyone to push for victories and major environmental milestones.

"When I worked in the for-profit world, something was missing," David recalls. "I wanted to use my skills to do more than sell a pair of jeans."

David first began his work in the environmental movement because he wanted to help non-profit organizations improve their communications. He knew that with just a little help and guidance, non-profits could be more effective and cutting edge.

"In order to be a healthy person and an advocate for important issues, you have to create balance in your life. Make sure you find time for fun and lightness to balance out all the stress and hard work," commented David.

David sees crucial environmental victories on the horizon. "I'd love to see an end to whale hunting in the Southern Ocean," says David. "This is a very achievable goal because the forces are in motion to finally make the change." David is also optimistic that common sense chemical security legislation will pass in Congress and save millions of lives all across the United States.

David is looking towards the future and trying to find new ways of communicating to reach out to more and more people. "I want to use technology to empower people," David proclaims. "When we try new things, take risks and get out in front of the pack, we can really make a difference."

It's apparent that David has already made quite a big difference at Greenpeace. And, with David at the helm of the Communications Department, it's safe to say Greenpeace is going to leverage all their talents and move the environmental debate in a whole new direction.

David Barre holds a Bachelors degree in fine arts from New York University.