Deforestation for Palm Oil

Page - March 16, 2010
The Forest Defenders Camp (also known as the Climate Defenders Camp) is part of our international efforts to protect the world's remaining forests and the global climate. The camp is based close to the boundary of Paradise Rainforest destruction in Indonesia.

Greenpeace Climate Defenders Camp

On October 27, 2009 Greenpeace established a base in the heart of the Indonesian rainforest in order to bring urgent attention to the role that deforestation plays in driving dangerous climate change.
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Forest Destruction Dammed

Greenpeace: Damming peatlands in Indonesia at the Climate Defenders Camp

On October 29, 2007, Greenpeace volunteers from the Forest Defenders Camp and local forest communities halted the destruction of an area of swamp forest in Sumatra, Indonesia. They built five dams across three-meter deep canals used in logging and draining peatland for conversion into a commercial palm oil plantation.
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Volunteers at the Forest Defenders Camp also take part in activities like spotting and fighting forest fires and conducting surveys of the depth of peat underlying the forest. They take action when necessary to prevent the destruction of Indonesia's rainforests and call on world leaders to end global deforestation, which is responsible for about one-fifth of all greenhouse gas emissions.

The main camp structure, the Balai Adat, is a traditional Sumatran community meeting house located on community land. The area surrounding the camp has recently been cleared of forest and peatlands have been destroyed to make way for oil palm plantations.

Mr. Ali Mursyid, the community leader of the village closest to the camp, said, "Our people consider the forests a sacred inheritance from our ancestors and we have an obligation to protect them because it is our source of life. We are trying to save our remaining forests at any cost and are committed to rehabilitating whatever others have destroyed."

The activities and documentation work conducted at the Camp draw attention to the urgency of ending deforestation, biodiversity loss and the problem of climate change.