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While competitors move toward clean renewable energy, refuses even to share data on its energy use or environmental impact.

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Powering the online world requires energy - a lot of it. If the electricity that powers the Internet is produced by modern renewable energy - our online world could help our offline world become greener.

Join us, and ask the Internet companies you love to build us a greener online, so that we can all have a greener offline.

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Tell Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos to come clean

While tech giants like Facebook, Google, and Apple have made tremendous strides to build a green internet powered by renewable energy and to be transparent about their energy usage — one company continues to hold the clean Internet revolution back. That company is Amazon.

Amazon is the only major Internet company that hasn't released ANY data on its energy use or environmental impact.

Tell CEO Jeff Bezos to commit to renewable energy AND come clean about his company’s energy performance and environmental impact.

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