It’s no secret that we're all consuming dirty stuff online. Many of our clicks, streams, and shares are still being powered by dirty energy. So how can you keep clicking with a clean conscience? Well, it's as easy as that — just keep clicking. Some of the Internet’s biggest and most innovative companies are powering their data centers with clean, sustainable energy. Together we can encourage the rest of our favorite platforms to do the same and let us all #clickclean.

52,108 actions have been taken towards a green internet

About #ClickClean

We love the Internet! But as we store, share and stream more of our lives online, the internet grows bigger every day. The Internet just turned 25 and now connects over 3 billion people.

But powering the online world requires energy - a lot of it. Already, our online world, if counted as a country, would rank sixth in the world in electricity use. The rapid growth of our online world could actually help our offline world become greener, if the electricity that powers the Internet is produced by modern renewable energy

Join us, and ask the Internet companies you love to build us a greener online, so that we can all have a greener offline.

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Dirty Clicking

We think they can do better, and help us build the green Internet, but we need your help to ask them.

  • We need a greener online for a greener offline.

    — Kumi Naidoo, Greenpeace Executive Director —
  • We do things because they are right and just and that is who we are.

    — Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc. —
  • We are planting the seeds of sustainability now while the company is young.

    — Bill Weihl, Facebook Manager of Energy Efficiency and Sustainability —

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I want the companies I love to build us a greener online, so that we can all have a greener offline.

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