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Appendix 1

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Climate Denial's "Continental Army"

There’s really only about 25 of us doing this.  A core group of skeptics. It’s a ragtag bunch, very Continental Army.”

- Steve Milloy talking to Popular Science, June, 2012.

Steve The Junkman Milloy, arguably one of the very first global warming deniers, first shot to fame through his challenges to the links between tobacco science and health problems when he was paid by Phillip Morris to direct the front group it set up in 1997 to defend the science of second hand smoke:  The Advancement of Sound Science Coalition (TASSC).  He then turned to denial of climate change, and has been at the heart of that campaign ever since. 

Milloy has claimed the campaign is driven by a small group of about 25 people.  So who might this “Continental Army” of about 25 people be?  We’ve found 31. Of course there are more who have come and gone, but this gives a fairly comprehensive picture.  

Individuals associated with think tanks 


Joseph Bast, Heartland Institute

James Taylor, Heartland Institute

Sandy Liddy Bourne (Heartland, American Energy Freedom Center, ALEC)

Myron Ebell (CEI) 

Christopher Horner (CEI and American Tradition Institute)

Marlo Lewis (CEI

Fred Smith (CEI)

Bob Ferguson, Science and Public Policy Institute

Craig Rucker Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow

Steven F Hayward (DCF, Power Line blog)

 Nigel Lawson Global Warming Policy Foundation

 Benny Peiser, Global Warming Policy Foundation

Paul Driessen, CFACT

The Echo Chamber


Along with the think tanks pushing climate denial, there’s a large “echo chamber” in the blogosphere, largely led by a small band of bloggers.  They have a larger echo chamber in the form of conservative media such as Fox News, Rush Limbaugh et al.  

Anthony Watts:

Marc Morano

Steve McIntyre ClimateAudit

James Delingpole, The Daily Telegraph (UK)

Steve Milloy

Andrew Bolt Australian Murdoch columnist

The “Scientists”


S Fred Singer (SEPP)

Richard S Lindzen

Patrick Michaels (Cato)

Willie Soon (and Sallie Baliunas) Smithsonian Institute for Astrophysics

David Legates State Climatologist for Delaware

John Christy

Craig Idso – Center for the Studey of Carbon Dioxide & Global Change

Roy Spencer

Bob Carter (former JCU, Australia, now ex JCU)

Ian Plimer

Tim Ball


Special category: non scientists who pretend to have expertise

Lord Christopher Monckton


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