Case Study: The “Danish Study” on Wind Power and Koch Industries

Page - March 29, 2010
Just a few months after the "Spanish Study" was released, a similar play was conducted with another study linked to the Koch web. The "Danish study," prepared by Danish think-tank CEPOS, provides clean energy opponents a means of raising questions about the viability of renewable energy and a means of directly criticizing President Obama for his statement that Denmark produces almost 20% of its electricity through wind power.

However, the study contains factual errors, its conclusions have been misrepresented and to boot, its findings are not particularly relevant to the US. The study includes errors such as a miscalculation of the electricity production from wind in Denmark (they claim 5% of total production in Denmark though the real percentage is 20%). In addition, the study does not take into account the differences between the European and North American electric grids.

Nevertheless, like the study from Spain, the CEPOS study is being promoted and disseminated through many of the same organizations in Koch's web. The "Danish Study" appears to follow a similar pattern.

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