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Media Research Center (MRC)

Page - March 31, 2010
$14,030 received from Koch foundations 2005-2011 [Total Koch foundation grants 1997-2011: $15,005]

The Media Research Center is a "news" organization that analyzes and spins mainstream news content in order to counter an alleged "strident liberal bias".

MRC has several projects that analyze various types and angles of media.  These projects, such as the "Business and Media Institute" and "Free Market Project," have released several reports that claim the national media favors the environmental view on global warming and excludes climate deniers in their coverage.  The Media Research Center has also contributed to the "ClimateGate" echo chamber, criticizing national media outlets for a lack of "ClimateGate" coverage.

In 2009, just after "Climategate" and during global climate change negotiations in Copenhagen, Denmark the Media Research Center promoted denial of climate science by FOX Business' John Stossel, in a contribution to the Wall Street Journal.

In 2014, MRC promoted John Stossel's "debate" over global warming, featuring Bill Nye the Science Guy and Marc Morano, a MRC affiliate and well-known denier of climate science.

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